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Swap price

A swap price is an estimated price of a token in a specific swap. The swap price is not static; it changes dynamically based on the current spot price, pool fee, and price impact.

Spot price

A spot price—or exchange rate—is the current ratio of the price of one token to another in the given exchange pool. A spot price can be of two types: a fee level spot price and a pool spot price.

A fee level spot price is an actual exchange rate on the specific fee level.

For a pool spot price, we use a spot price of the 0.01% fee level, which has the smallest pool fee. For details about feel levels, see Multiple Fee Levels.

Pool fee

Each time you swap in an exchange pool, you're charged a certain pool fee. This fee varies depending on the volume of tokens you want to swap and is distributed among all liquidity providers whose liquidity is used to fulfill the swap.

Pool fee calculation

Veax has multiple fee levels, which means our pool fee isn't static, it fluctuates based on the fee level your swap interacts with.


We always calculate and offer the best possible swap price and the lowest possible fee for a trader.

Price impact

Price impact is the impact in percentage that your swap has on the current spot price in the pool. The number of tokens you want to swap influences the swap price. The greater the number, the greater the price impact your swap has on the given pool and on the spot price, and thus on the swap price.


Due to the volatility of cryptocurrency, the price of an asset can fluctuate. Thus, slippage shows the difference in percentage between the expected price of a swap and the price when the swap is actually executed. Slippage reflects the external influence on the pool caused by broad market movements, not your particular swap.

When you swap tokens you can adjust slippage tolerance, the acceptable slippage for your swap price. If the swap price exceeds the set value, the swap is not executed. If you don't adjust slippage tolerance, the system sets it to 0.5% by default.


The maximum slippage value you can set is 100%.