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What's Veax?

Veax is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the NEAR Protocol and complies with the NEP-141 standard for automated market makers (AMMs). It lets you swap tokens and put liquidity into exchange pools to collect swap fees. Veax's mission is to improve DEX capital efficiency by maximizing profit per provided liquidity and minimizing fees paid by a trader. Veax achieves this through the introduction of two core features: Concentrated Liquidity and Multiple Fee Levels.

Concentrated Liquidity

The Concentrated Liquidity feature lets liquidity providers (LPs) concentrate their liquidity in a certain price range. LPs earn fees when their liquidity is swapped with a trader's tokens by a specific price. When LPs add their liquidity to a pool, they can set a specific price range within which their liquidity can be used for swaps. By concentrating liquidity within this range, LPs can make a higher profit with the same amount of liquidity as they use in traditional DEXes.

For more information, see Concentrated Liquidity.

Multiple Fee Levels

When creating a pool or adding liquidity to an existing one, the Multiple Fee Levels feature enables the balance between fees earned by LPs and the swap price paid by traders. The feature lets LPs specify the fee they want traders to pay when conducting a swap. The smart contract checks the available liquidity on all fee levels, compares prices, and calculates the best one for a trader. LPs can set different fee levels for different price ranges, which can help to optimize the LP's profit and minimize slippage for traders.

For more information, see Multiple Fee Levels.