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Veax's development will be executed by the Board of the entity, which is established in Switzerland. This entity will directly or indirectly further the growth and development of the open-source DEX, surrounding community, and ecosystem. The Foundation or AG Board will appoint a Governance Committee with two to five members to oversee the governance and decentralization process and the tokenomics, including Veax fees. To ensure that Veax develops according to the envisioned roadmap, up until the Veax V4 version release, the Governance Committee is 100% appointed by the Veax Foundation or AG Board until that time. Until decision-making is full decentralization, VEAX token stakers will assume a central role in suggesting features for the Veax DEX through the Governance Committee, whilst the Board will act as a guarantor that the Veax principles of compliance first and the Public Deed of the Veax Foundation or AG are adhered to. The Foundation or AG Board will retain the role as the supreme body of the Foundation after full decentralization, and the governance committee will continue. Appointments to the governance committee will be voted through by the VEAX token stakers. Until the Veax Foundation or AG is set up in Switzerland, Tacans AG will execute on behalf of the Foundation or AG including for the sale of VEAX tokens or rights for future VEAX token sales and the use of proceeds for the development of the Veax platform.


For information about our team, see High level of competency. High performance culture.


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